Anthony Jeffery's Selling Experience

After renting the home and dealing with maintenance issues, the Jeffery's were ready to invest in something of their own. 

Read their story about their experience with Ken Schwartz Real Estate and what advice they have for you.

Why did you decide to sell?

I was renting the house for a year and I had to deal with lots of maintenance issues. I didn't want to deal with the aggravation of owning this particular rental property anymore. I had a lot of equity and I wanted to reinvest the equity elsewhere. 


How did Ken prepare your home to sell and how did you feel he marketed your home?

The home itself has an odd layout and people were confused about it but Ken solved it by staging had furniture in all of the correct spots to show how to do the layout. 

The photography and the staging stood out to me the most and really got people's attention. He did also run a few Facebook ads as well but luckily it was such a short period until we got an offer.  

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Ken Also Used Professional Video To Help Buyers Visualize Our Home

Why Ken?

I was looking for someone who could sell for the highest price as quickly as possible. Ken was the listing agent for another property I wanted to purchase and I was just really impressed with his professionalism and willingness to help.

What was the best part of your selling experience?

I was originally trying to sell on my own (FSBO) and ran into some problems early on. I realized it was quite the undertaking to do all on my own so I gave up and gave it to Ken. I had a buyer who jerked me around and backed out so I just threw in the towel. Ken took charge and a lot of stress off my plate and sold the property very quickly. One of my big concerns at that point was that I wanted someone who could protect me legally. 


Were there stressful moments or things you were concerned about?

No there really wasn't anything that I can think of. I was slightly nervous about the appraisal but Ken met the appraiser in person and presented a whole package to them which gave additional information about the house and justified its value. Other than that, Ken really took care of everything.  

"I'm very thankful and grateful for the job he did selling my house quickly."


Anthony's Advice to You

Make sure you disclose any problems with the home and don't be afraid to pay for the staging if you need it. It's worth it and also make sure the photography is good - which Ken's is amazing. I'm very thankful and grateful for the job he did selling my house quickly.

Ready To Sell Your Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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